Category: Food Processing Industry


“​The cultivated area in Egypt reached about 9.4 million acres in 2022, the crops are the essential input for the manufacturing of crops which in turn represents the largest sub-sector of food processing followed by dairy products, readymade food, mills, oil and fats, natural water and others

The government will continue investing in land reclamation projects, increasing the area available for agricultural output. however, the government is committed to developing the Sinai Peninsula and legalizing the status of agricultural farmers and investors in the region.

The government has initiated several schemes designed to improve food security in the country on both the production and the consumption fronts, in addition to The multinational majors are investing heavily in the country and in the region, which will improve production facilities.

Egypt’s sophisticated food processors are creating products and packaging with high quality, competitively priced, and attractive to global markets. Several success stories are working in the Egyptian market in the field of food processing such as Nestle, Americana group, tetra pack, and others, moreover, the food processing sector is one of the top export sectors in Egypt.

Favorable demographics will support strong levels of food consumption out to 2023 and beyond”