Category: Plastic industries


The plastics industries are among the most important Egyptian industries, which have the strongest impact on economic growth rates. Egypt sits on the throne of the African continent in terms of the size of the plastics market and is one of the most productive African countries, representing about 20% of the total productivity in the continent.

The plastic industries sector has witnessed tremendous growth recently, which contributed to placing the sector at the top of the most profitable and growing sectors and attracting investments, as well as the most sectors in terms of exports.

The plastics industry is considered one of the strategic industries that is included in the complement of most industries and which constitutes an important number in the Egyptian economic growth rates for a long time, as this promising sector in terms of investment includes about 542 thousand workers, according to the data of the Egyptian Export Council for Chemical Industries.

Plastic has entered several industries, such as the manufacture of medical devices, electronic devices, sports and home appliances, in addition to clothing and shoes.

The leadership of the petrochemical sector in Egypt is a major reason for the increase in plastic production, through the production of primary raw materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, and to reach self-sufficiency, which makes it an important factor to stop importing, as Egypt imports more than 50% of its needs of plastic raw materials.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is preparing a plan to develop investments in the plastics sector, especially in the Tahrir and Al Alamein Petrochemical Complexes.​

The packaging industry has acquired more than 40% of plastic raw materials.