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What makes your product unique?

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What makes your product unique?

Product features / quality

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Manufacturers Distributors

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private universities, medical sector, pharmaceutical companies

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Key Features Pause/Continue. Speed Change on the run. Save up to 9 work offsets. Save files on internal memory. Rigid, heavy duty & high accuracy 8 different speeds for spindle. Camera for alignment. Measuring center & edge. Hard limit / soft limit. Import; g-code - dxf - 2d image - 3d image. Auto import Gerber file. Rigid, heavy duty & high accuracy. Friendly and Easy Software. speed / feed calculator Homing. Work offset. Transformation matrix. Pause/Continue. Warping for leveling PCBs.​


ROBOTA CO2 Laser cutting machine is featured with; Rigid laser cut steel structure. Heavy duty. Door to trap smoke and foul odors. Continue after electricity shut down. Friendly color LCD screen. Easy review and file selection. Change speed & laser power during operation. Emergency stop switch. Separate Button to start / stop laser source. Save up to 5 different origin points. Digital ampere meter & control for laser power. USB & Ethernet Control.


A CNC machine transforms raw material into a finished model through different methods, either by adding (additive) or removing (subtractive) material.

Types of CNC milling machines include;

  • 3-axis milling machines can cut in the X, Y and Z axis. This is the most common variety of milling machine. You can cut vertically and in any direction.

  • 4-axis milling machines are more complex because they add the ability to rotate the x-axis, similar to a lathe.

  • 5-axis milling machines incorporate rotation in both the x- and y-axes. This is the most complete milling machine you can have. It allows you to shape bones, aerospace structures, car models, medical products, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.