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The ultimate objective of Business Development Services (BDS) is to improve small to medium enterprise (SME) performance in Egypt, as a means to achieve higher economic growth and employment, reduce poverty, and meet social objectives.

Improving SME performance requires many ingredients, such as a policy environment conducive to enterprise competitiveness, access to financial and non-financial services, and expanding markets for SME products and services. The ultimate vision for BDS is to be a well-functioning market with a diverse array of high-quality services that meet the needs of a large proportion of SMEs affordably. This typically when a private sector-led, market economy framework which reflects:

  • A fundamental belief in the principles of a market economy, where the government has a role in providing an enabling environment, in correcting or compensating for market failures, and in the provision of public goods, but not in the direct provision of private goods that can be more efficiently provided by the market.
  • The assumption that the majority of BDS are private goods and are thus similar in nature to any other service, so market rules apply.
  • The expectation that with appropriate product design, delivery and payment mechanisms, BDS can be provided on a commercial basis even for the lowest-income segment of the entrepreneurial SME sector.

What Are Business Development Services and How Can It Positively Impact Your Business?

  • Rapid globalization has opened up new possibilities for innovation and a better quality of life through SMEs and entrepreneurs specializing in selling products and services for particular niche industries.
  • SMEs have proved invaluable in creating new job opportunities, forming essential providers of resources to larger firms, and enhancing their respective sectors through innovation.
  • However, these organizations require financial assistance or consultancy to clear the initial obstacles like business management, planning, accounting, etc.
  • BDS can increase the overall efficiency of SMEs by enhancing various elements of the company and providing a roadmap for entrepreneurs with excellent market potential to attain a self-sustaining model for business eventually.

What is Business Development Service?

  • Business development service (BDS) refers to services that assist organizations like SMEs and MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) with information, guidance, management, financial backing, and technical skills to enhance market performance, growth, and competitiveness.
  • With advisory and information provision, consultancy, coaching, and mentoring, business development services support companies in every development phase, from the foundation to daily operation.
  • BDS for SMEs can help with expanding operations, advice on how to market and sell company products and services, guidance with business plan development, and validation of product-market fits through financial and non-financial services.

Levels of Business Development Services

The structure of BDS providers is arranged based on the level of intervention they choose to undertake. Thus, a business development service can be classified into one of the following three categories:

  • BDS provider – BDS providers take on the highest level of intervention in business development. These can be private for-profit and non-profit firms, NGOs, or national government agencies offering free continued business development services. BDS providers communicate directly with recipient companies or individuals.
  • BDS subsidizer – BDS subsidizers are institutions in the private sector that provide constant subsidies for business development to SMEs without monetary transactions.
  • BDS facilitator – BDS facilitators take the least amount of intervention that promotes the proper functioning of the free market by simplifying service provision or resources necessary to clear initial obstacles for SMEs and MSMEs to make them self-sustainable. These international or local firms focus on developing BDS markets locally by targeting providers with new services, enforcing best practices, etc., and recipients with information, education, advice on BDS purchases, etc.
  • BDS facilitators calculate the impact that can be made through providers and help create better policies for the BDS market. Institutions that comprise BDS facilitators are usually public firms or NGOs backed by the government or donors.

Impact of Business Development Service on Your Company

Business development services for SMEs target every level of an organization’s operation to drive holistic improvements across the board. Here is a detailed analysis of how a BDS provider can enhance different elements of your business:


SMEs target specific markets or clients to close deals on sales for company products or services. However, most organizations face obstacles caused by inadequate sales skills, strategies, and channels. A business development service can offer a team of sales and marketing experts that better target audiences, develop sales plans, execute strategies, conduct market research, and implement new sales channels for better revenue generation.


Marketing strategies aim to increase brand awareness, create demand, and target advertising to sell products to potential customers. Limited marketing budgets can cause diminished market visibility. Product sales can also suffer due to poor marketing. BDS encapsulates various marketing strategies through content, social media, print media, etc., by allocating consultancy services to analyze the market for trends and expand your customer base.

Market Expansion

SMEs and MSMEs must eventually target the global market to expand their market reach and open more avenues for revenue generation. BDS providers can support organizations through financial services or consultancy and information.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships enable businesses to form alliances where both parties gain mutual benefits to expand their market presence and create opportunities. Business development services offer legal consultancy and networking opportunities to SEs based on goals and projected success after adopting a self-sustaining model.

Business Planning

Business plans are vital for achieving long-term goals. BDS providers offer financial and non-financial services as consultancy or capital to maintain a standardized roadmap for optimal business growth. Despite its many advantages, acquiring formal and informal business development services can be tedious or expensive for several SMEs and MSMEs. You need a platform to gather financial and non-financial services based on immediate market requirements.

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